Kite lesson on Fuerteventura with Adel and Ondra. Kite courses on Fuerteventura since 2014. Beginner and advanced kiteboarding lessons.

Kitesurf session on Flagbeach. Flagbeach is perfect kite spot for intrmediate riders. Kite spot is next to Corralejo town on north of the Fuerteventura.

paddleboard kurz fuerteventura

Let´s go surfing waves on paddleboard. Enjoy the best surf contions in winter with us on Fuerteventura during winter.


Punta gorda is definitely one of the best pointbreaks on the north of Fuerteventura island… that’s why isso protected by locals :) It looks super easy from the shore, almost like a wave machine, but there is super strong curent which suck you like a river on the rocks, if you loose orientation on the peak and the set comes. Just stay in the inside and do not mess up. There is just so many tourist doing so many stupid things so people are tired of that. Look how local kids are shreding there … they are 13 or 15yrs old?…but they surf, that we can dream about it.


A trip to Lobos is a relaxing trip for the whole family. Lobos island is easily reached by boat directly from Corralejo, boat leave from the port every hour and costs 15euros. The tour around the island takes 2-3 hours by walking with a bottle of wine. From the top of Lobos 123m.n.m you will see Fuerteventura on one side, Lanzarote on the other and lucky people will see whales in good visibility.


LUXURY KITESESSION ON FLAGBEACH.  Flagbeach was almost flat thanks to the northwest wind, which makes the conditions perfect for freestyle and beginner kiters. Martin started on 12m2 yesterday and today was blowing stronger wind for 9m2 and 7m2. And  we will continue tommorrow as well :)

surf fuerteventura

BIG DAY SURFING GERMAN RIGHTS. There are days when it looks like in Indonesia on Fuerteventura. Look how the locals surf it in barrels. You can see those amazing waves in lines on horizon, its comming, one after the other, just don´t get caught inside during the set…

We had an afternoon with the kids on the beach pretty after ours. Surfboards, bodybord, swimming, sand castles and beer … The holidays have begun, so we enjoy the summer :)

kite trip

Kiteboarding trip with Maruška and Honza to Sotavento. We went to see the Sotavento kite lagoon, located in the south of Fuerteventura. The lagoon is flooded by the tide several times a month, so it is good to find out before the trip whether the lagoon will be full of water or not. It takes time for the lagoon to inflate and release. It is ideal to be prepared on beach 2 hours before the high tide.

surf trip

Surf trip to Esquinzo. Esquinozo is a hidden beach on the west coast, where you can enjoy surfing like anywhere else thanks to the local atmosphere.