Give an amazig experience for Christmas. Forget for jewerly, phones and other packed gift. You have an oportunity to change life, give a chance to you loved ones to try something new :)

KITE lesson fuerteventura

Wondering how the first kiteboarding lesson on Fuerteventura looks like? You will learn all important basics fast and safe with professional trainer. You will learn everything from setup to advanced power movements like an powerstorke…Check it out ;)

sup school fuerteventura

The girls came to Fuerteventura for a kite camp, but unfortunately there was no wind the last day, so we went for a trip in the morning and spent rest of the day on the beach, learning how to paddle properly on flat water and Anna tried in the end also paddle in the wave….of course in her personal style:)

aktivní dovolená fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is not only a paradise for surfers, kiters and windusrfists… there are also beautiful beaches, view points and chipmanks who like to play with you. We prepared a varied sports program for Karla and Honza, we recommended them the best what we know and they discovered a lot of new adventures :) Thanks a lot for visiting and see you soon;)

kite kurzy fuerteventura

Luboš started with kiteboarding lesson on the open sea with us. He did so good, so he joined us on a kite trip as an equal kiter in the end of his holidays :)

kite kurz fuerteventura

Sotavento is a kite spot in the south of Fuerteventura. You can choose between open sea or perfect flat lagoon with shallow to water. Already next week there will be another race of the world kite tour, so there will be real show to watch;) Wind blows here over the summer with a success rate of 90%. Sotavento is an ideal place for all beginners who want to try their first rides and improve their upwind/downwind experience. It’s time to start planning your autumn vacation;)

We had a great active week with Zuzka. Zuzka enjoed her first rides after 3-day kiteboarding course, paddleboarding, surfing, scuba diving, trips, grilling and chilling…. and by far she did not try everything:) so next time :)

Easy relax morning with friends on the beach :) Paddleboarding is the best option for no windy days….if you do not surf :)

kite kurzy

Enjoy kiteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura with us like Lucka:) Windy Fuerteventura has endless kite season all year long.

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