surf fuerteventura

Forecast was bad, it was windy, choppy, but in the end loads of fun on the rocks :) Still much more fun than working :D :D 

surfing fuerteventura

Surfing bombs sounds super cool, but it´s not so cool, when you get caught inside…Thats pretty fuck.d! :D

surf fuerteventura

Swells are comming to Fuerteventura in proper portions this winter and surf season on Fuerteventura is fully on!

surf fuerteventura

Surfing amazing waves on Fuerteventura. Fuerteventura is called an european hawaii thanks those amazing winter swells. Enjoy surfing on Fuerteventura.

Give an amazig experience for Christmas. Forget for jewerly, phones and other packed gift. You have an oportunity to change life, give a chance to you loved ones to try something new :)

Winter swell is comming!!! No words needed… just check how good it was ;)

surf fuerteventura

Amazing sunrise surf session. It always pays off if you will wake up while everyone normal is still lazy in bed.

surf fuerteventura

How does it look like in March on Fuerteventura? ..simply great :)

longboard surf

Longboard is about the style. Looks like a dancing with the waves and Giacomo knows well how to do it.

big wave surf fuerteventura

Pro´s and kamikaze ONLY! Its incredible, that somebodycan surf those waves…it is completely different game.