quemao class lanzarote 2023

The Quemao class 2023 big wave surfing competition was an incredible ride! Best surf riders and tubes like a dream. Look at the photos.

Fuerteventura surf photography

Surf season on Fuerteventura is fully ON. It was amazing glassy day with propper swell and all surfers shows incredible rides.

surf Fuerteventura

Winter surf season on Fuerteventura just began. It´s time to get ready boys and girls :) Let´s see what surprise we will get from the ocean this year. 

YES boys and girls. Paddleboarding is not dead yet ! For sure everybody are so stoked about wingfoil and efoil in those days, but paddleboarding is still here:) It´s nice sometime to take the SUP out for little ride with the friends, specially when you have a day with a bit lazy waves:)


Photogalery from kiteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura. Kteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura are availible all year long.

Thank you very much for your support and positive reviews on the new collection of SURF DREAM clothing and accessories. We have prepared a new SURFDREAM.shop for you where you can easily choose between products and order quickly online.

Testing new wing F-ONE Swing V2 on Fuerteventura. New Swing V2 will amaze you with ease handling and stability in neutral position.

surf fuerteventura

Forecast was bad, it was windy, choppy, but in the end loads of fun on the rocks :) Still much more fun than working :D :D 

surf Fuerteventura

Sometimes is nice to play around like a kids in shorebreak with new GOPTO toys :)

winf f-one strike

New wing STRIKE from F-ONE arrived to Fuerteventura and i was lucky to try this hot stuff.