We are testing the new SWING V2 model from F-ONE.

The first wing Swing was revolution. It was the first wing on which we started, it was euphoria, it was the first time :) But since I tried the new Strike, I wouldn’t touch the Swing anymore…

As the new Swing V2 came out, everyone was talking about it , how big progress they made, how better is it and bla bla bla… As always, when come new models. Everybody are so stoked so there’s nothing better and the old models belong in the trash. I was really exited with the new Strike, so I didn’t have much illusions about the new Swing V2. I took the sizes of 4.2 and 5 m2 and went out to try it.

When inflating, the Swing V2 looks almost like a Strike, valves, handles, design. The main difference are the colors :)… we will see in the water

Starting, levitation, going upwing, Swing V2 behaves similarly to Strike. I just feel that it doesn’t pull so much into my hands. For sure less presure. The first turn and wing is turning so easy like never before. Second turn and again so easy. We go into the waves and the wing hover beautifully in a neutral position. At every turn, it’s as if he’s just waiting for me to turn around and move on.

I feel still enough power after one hour winging so lets keep going.. After two hours I’m dead.


Yes, it’s better and there are 2 major improvements.

+ LESS PREASURE ON HANDLES: Feels like its flying easier in the air, so you don´t need to much power to hold the wing. You can enjoy and stay longer on water :)

+ LEVITATION IN A NEUTRAL POSITION: the wing holds perfectly in the air when turning, even when riding in waves. It is much easier and more user-friendly than other wings. Feels perfectly balanced.

– PROBABLY NOT SO POWERFUL FOR JUMPS LIKE STRIKE: but I can’t judge because I still have enough time for jumping like most people.


The guys from F-one took Strike and made it more user-friendly for normal riders. Who has ambitions to jump, chooses Strike. If you want to enjoy more time on the water, easy handling, riding in the waves and still top features, the Swing V2 is a clear choice.

You can try new models of all sizes at LINE UP PROCENTER