Photogalery from kiteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura. Kteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura are availible all year long.

Give an amazig experience for Christmas. Forget for jewerly, phones and other packed gift. You have an oportunity to change life, give a chance to you loved ones to try something new :)

KITE lesson fuerteventura

Wondering how the first kiteboarding lesson on Fuerteventura looks like? You will learn all important basics fast and safe with professional trainer. You will learn everything from setup to advanced power movements like an powerstorke…Check it out ;)

kitesurf fuerteventura

One of the biggest winter swells just passed. CORE KITEBOARDING team rider Thorben Jasper and Kai had epic kite session in big waves. This could be the best or last kitesurfing session of your life.

Big waves, hardcore spot and crazy rides = CHECK IT 


Cottilo is a super universal spot where you can kite, surf, windsurf in the waves. Little waves are enjoyable for beginners:)

fuerteventura kite

There is only one way how to find out, if it´s possible. You have to try it !

kite flagbeach

That was one of those days, when you are comming out from water like a last one, sun is just above the horizon, after full power session on flat water and you feel really great…such a cliché pictures with Lobos island in the background…join us on Fuerte ;)

strapless kitesurfing

The second stop of this year’s world championship in strapless freestyle was held at Fuerteventura, so we could not miss it. It was really a show !!! The best strapless kitesurfers gathered and we could not understand how they do it:)

Kitesurf session on Flagbeach. Flagbeach is perfect kite spot for intrmediate riders. Kite spot is next to Corralejo town on north of the Fuerteventura.


LUXURY KITESESSION ON FLAGBEACH.  Flagbeach was almost flat thanks to the northwest wind, which makes the conditions perfect for freestyle and beginner kiters. Martin started on 12m2 yesterday and today was blowing stronger wind for 9m2 and 7m2. And  we will continue tommorrow as well :)