The FLAGBEACH kite spot can be found right on the way from the airport on the right side in front of Corralejo.

The spot is perfect for independent kiters who knows perfectly how to bodydrag, can leave the shore and safely return to the same place.

You can pay for a rescue service at the local kite centerright on the beach. The price for the rescue service is about 30 euros for 14 days, if you will pay in advance and 100 euros for each rescue, if you do not pay in advance.

The quality of your session on the spot is influenced by two essential elements: tides and wind direction


At high tide you have good access to the water along the beach. The difference between the tides is up to 3m depending on the position of the moon, so be careful as the water start to go down. Especially with a full moon, the level goes down quite fast.

At low tide it is best entry into the water right in front of the beach center. Your level should be good enought that you get on, ride against the wind and come back exactly to the same place.  All around are rocks. In strong winds, this is not a problem, in weak winds it is not a good idea to go out.


NW / northwest wind = side off shore – best direction. Perfect smooth water for normal riding, freestyle and in combination with waves ideal for learning on kite surf board. SIDE OFF SHORE – As soon as the wind begins to weaken, go back to the beach to avoid a 100 euros rescue trip.

N / north wind = side shore – safer direction, but count with bigger waves and it is quite chopy for freestyle.

NE / northeast wind = side on (on shore) – In summer is no wind on the spot with this direction. Just drive cross over to El Cotillo, where you will have great conditions with the northeast wind. In winter, when the northeast wind is really strong, it can curl around the island of Lobos and on Flagbeach it looks like the east wind, which is ON SHORE there. The wind is gusty, often shuts down, the waves are chopy, hard to get out from the beach, suecide with lowtide.