New wing STRIKE from F-ONE arrived to Fuerteventura and i was lucky to try this hot stuff.

First surprise is when you take the wing out from the bag. You expect some new graphics, but the blue colour it self is different. Looks like thats changing color a on sunlight, kind of stealth color :D :D ..i mean looks cool.

Inflate valve is same valve, not a big story, so you start pumping and you pump and pump and than you notice, that also 4,2m2 wing have a deflate valve on the strut. So you close the deflate valve and pumping become easier and possible to finish.

New Strike have just 2 handles instead of 3 like SWING. So fare humans have just 2 hands it is more than enough.

When you fly, you can feel that the new shape is stiffer. It´s more responding even in light wind.

Thanks to the stiffnes, you can somehow trust a bit more to the wing and edge harder and fly better upwind.

Thats my personal feelings after two sessions with 4,2m2 and 5m2 ;)