surf el cotillo

The wave is radical. Rises up a few meters in front of the stones, from which sucks water and you ride an incredible wave in the barrel over dry stones. The mistakes are not forgiven and the bad take off ends with an arrow in the stones. It looks crazy, it’s crazy, so dare only the best of bodyboarders and sometimes some crazy surfer. If you have ever seen the description of the spot: “PRO´s and KAMIKAZE ONLY”, it really suits here.

surf fuerteventura

Luxury waves on Esquinzo and last surf with Chelu and Octavio. Enjoy endless waves in Peru friends and come back to us soon on Fuerte, we miss you already;) Keep paddling;) Well, we have to go on here, kite, surf everyday, day after day. Summer on Fuerteventura does not end, so when you get cold in Europe, come to warm up :)

kite kurz fuerteventura

Sotavento is a kite spot in the south of Fuerteventura. You can choose between open sea or perfect flat lagoon with shallow to water. Already next week there will be another race of the world kite tour, so there will be real show to watch;) Wind blows here over the summer with a success rate of 90%. Sotavento is an ideal place for all beginners who want to try their first rides and improve their upwind/downwind experience. It’s time to start planning your autumn vacation;)

We had a great active week with Zuzka. Zuzka enjoed her first rides after 3-day kiteboarding course, paddleboarding, surfing, scuba diving, trips, grilling and chilling…. and by far she did not try everything:) so next time :)

One of the top places on the island Fuerteventrua. You can´t miss this plase, if you never been on Sahara before. Sand dunes with turqoise ocean in background looks like are amazing.

Easy relax morning with friends on the beach :) Paddleboarding is the best option for no windy days….if you do not surf :)

surf fuerteventura

Light offshore wind around 20knots, waves like on the picture, little bit hardcore surf session on Hierro….but it wasn´t so crowded at least :)

kitesurf fuerteventura

One of the biggest winter swells just passed. CORE KITEBOARDING team rider Thorben Jasper and Kai had epic kite session in big waves. This could be the best or last kitesurfing session of your life.

Big waves, hardcore spot and crazy rides = CHECK IT 


Cottilo is a super universal spot where you can kite, surf, windsurf in the waves. Little waves are enjoyable for beginners:)

surf fuerteventura

Cool sunrise session with photographer Honza Zak in water. Small glassy waves, just few people in water and profesional with waterproof camera. Such a good way how to start a day:)