Norway is a mecca of snowkiting. Imagine in your dream the perfect wind and endless snowy plains ending on the horizon. If there is a snowkiting planet somewhere, it looks exactly like our spots in Norway


Hardangervidda is a plateau that is right in the middle between Oslo and Bergen in Norway. Journey through it offers a large number of spots suitable from beginner to professional snowkiters. Thanks to the altitude, which is from 1000 to 1700 meters above sea level… there are no trees or other obstacles in the landscape, there is great wind and plenty of snow. Smooth snow-covered hills and frozen lakes covering an area of several hundred square kilometers are simply perfect for snowkiting.


SNOWKITING TRIP is prepared as a weekly trip according to available air tickets. Departure is on Saturday morning at 10:40 from Prague to Oslo Gardemoen and back in a week on Saturday at 8:00 from Oslo Gardemoen to Prague.

FEBRUARY: 1.2. – 8.2., 8.2. – 15.2., 15.2. – 22.2., 22.2. – 29.2.

MARCH: 29.2. – 7.3., 7.3. – 14.3.


We have prepared apartments in the town of Ustaoset for you. We will choose the best option according to your chosen date, number of people and vacancies. Look at the photos from the cottage or apartments (these are only approximate, there are more, so we will send specific photos of the apartments by appointment).

Ustaoset is a little village with a train station and a café just about 15 minutes by car from the nearest spot in Hardangervidda. We help to manage the owner’s apartments, so we know them very well. They are equipped with kitchen and bathroom, some are for 2 to 3 people, others are maisonette for up to 6 people. The cottage has several double bedrooms.


There are plenty of snowkiting spots within easy reach of Ustaoset. According to the forecast, current wind, visibility and surface, we try to choose the best place for you every day. The road through Hardangerviddu is roughly 30 kilometers long and there are many spots along the road with varying altitudes, slope orientation and different terrain, so the weather and wind vary greatly. If this road is closed due to the very strong wind, which sometimes happens, we can usually take the opportunity to go to a lake or under a table mountain directly in Ustaoset.


You haven’t tried snowkiting yet? Never mind :) Come to Norway to learn snowkiting. You can book snowkiting lessons extra for the trip.

With a professional instructor you will learn everything quickly and safely. The aim of each lesson is to teach you everything so you can continue to enjoy snowkiting yourself. Ideally we recommend 2-4 lessons to make the most of snowkiting.

Private lesson 120eur / length of lesson 2 hours

Semi-private lessons 100eur / person / 3 lessons

* Price includes complete equipment for snowkiting (suitable kite and trapeze)


Great cross-country skiing trails start right in Ustaoset, or you can go skiing on a table mountain or go to a small café called Prestun. Nearby Geilo (10 minutes by car) is a pretty nice small mountain town. On both slopes of the valley there is a ski center with snow parks, a cross-country skiing track around the lake suitable for skate, open-air, shops, restaurants, cafes and last but not least a pleasant wellness center with a swimming pool and saunas.


The price for a one week snowkitetrip is 599eur.


ACCOMMODATION – In some apartments extra beds are possible, for example, on the sofa in the living room, if you would like to use them, the trip price may be lower. To participate in the kitetrip you need to become a member of the Kite Club.

AIRPORT TRANSFER – (usually by car, exceptionally by train), daily transports to snowkite spots.

GUIDE  – advice on where to go and where not to go, joint trips, etc.



DINNER – there are several options, we can arrange for you by agreement, you can cook yourself in your kitchen in the apartments, or we can cook and invite each other for dinner (usually comes to each turn once a week).

PLANE TICKETS – Ticket prices range from 80 Euro per return flight with hand luggage, plus there are fees for ski / kite equipment. You can find current prices at,

SNOWKITING COURSES AND EQUIPMENT RENTALS – We are very happy to arrange both for you, we recommend that you book everything in advance to have everything ready for you.