fuerteventura kite

There is only one way how to find out, if it´s possible. You have to try it !

kite kurzy

Enjoy kiteboarding lessons on Fuerteventura with us like Lucka:) Windy Fuerteventura has endless kite season all year long.

surf fuerteventura

Perfect days on fuerteventura looks like that :) Wind just stoped for few days and we had so many great sessions and surf all day. Simply perfect surf session:)

fuerteventura bodyboard

Crazy tubes, hollow waves, short rides ending over the big rocks. Local kids play different games over here. Big respect !

surf fuerteventura

Esquinzo is a hidden magic surf spot. You are driving in the middle of nowhere and sudenly it appears. Sandy beach under the cliffs looks like wild surf arena.

accomodation corralejo

This luxury Sensey Villa is perfect choice for families, friends or youga camps. If you are searching private top class Villa in Corralejo, than this is it!

surf fuerteventura

In last days is impossible to catch all the waves….It´s pumping as f..k all the time. Mornings are perfect for kite.  Wind die around midday and than it´s amazing for surf till sunset :) We were passing by one hardcore spot and already from far we saw there more car than usually…. Ouuu yeahh, there are some surfers in !!! Ohhh it´s PUMPING !! BOOOM sick tube….BOOM ANOTHER….CHECK IT !

kite flagbeach

That was one of those days, when you are comming out from water like a last one, sun is just above the horizon, after full power session on flat water and you feel really great…such a cliché pictures with Lobos island in the background…join us on Fuerte ;)

strapless kitesurfing

The second stop of this year’s world championship in strapless freestyle was held at Fuerteventura, so we could not miss it. It was really a show !!! The best strapless kitesurfers gathered and we could not understand how they do it:)

fuerteventura surf

Generosa is such a nice surf spot with left wave. Normally is relaxed long wave, but you can surf there also a big bombs, when the Atlantic ocean gets wild during the winter. Just check IT and surf IT !