Would you like to learn stand up paddleboarding with professional instructors?  You can choose course for beginners, for advanced riders or paddleboard yoga classes on one of 9places in the Czech Republic.


    We are planing lessons in according to you schedule and actual weather forecast.  You will enjoy the best time on water. We organize lessons daily throughout the summer from May to September.


    Price include complete stand up paddleboarding equipment (stand up paddleboard, paddle, life vest) 


    Pictures are not only worth a thousand words, but also the precious memories.


    The course also includes a trip with an instructor.


    Instructors are experienced paddleboarders who have been teaching paddleboarding professionally for several years in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Basic courses of stand up paddleboarding on flat water are prepared for all those who have no experience with paddleboarding.

The aim of the course is to teach students all the basics so that they can safely continue on a flat water independently. We will begin with equipment preparation, important weather evaluation, risk assasments, safety theory and basic dry instruction.

In the practical part of the course on the water you will learn the correct paddling technique.  You will try different kinds of paddleboard turns. From basic to professional race turns, where you can refresh yourself in the water:)

You can choose one of 4 places in the Czech Republic for the course: Praha – Malá říčka , Praha – ČernošicePlzeň- Ejpovické jezero , Štěpánský rybník

Course duration: 2 hours

Course price: private lesson 40 euros / person

                        group lesson 30eur / person  (2person)

                      10% discount for groups of 10 person and more


Advanced ,,RACE,, stand up paddleboarding courses are designed for intermediate riders up to elite riders who have ambitions to improve their races.

Have you been riding on a paddleboard for some time and would you like to improve your paddling technique and fitness? Get ready for serious training with Ondra the 2018 czech race sup champion.

We will choose racing sup in according to your level. Training start with warm up, gear introduction and theory part on the shore. 

In the practical part on the water we will focus on the correct paddling technique, paddling frequency, turns, starts, body position and breathing.

You can choose one of 3 places in the Czech Republic for the course: Plzeň – Ejpovické jezeroPlzeň – Bolevecký rybníkvodní nádrž Hracholusky

Course duration: 2 hours

Course price: private lesson 40 euros / person                      


Paddleboard yoga classes are ready for all lovers of water and healthy movements.

Yes, it is possible and you will enjoy it! When you do yoga on the water, you literally blend in with the water, strengthen the inner muscles you didn’t even know, stretch and enjoy the fun. With our experienced lecturer you can go to SUP yoga to several places in Prague. On Střelecký Island you can feel the history of the city from a slightly different perspective, you will be part of the fun on the water right in the center of Prague. You can find more calm water as well as the environment for yoga in Žluté lázně, where you can enjoy meditation too.

Lucie was trained as a SUP yoga instructor in the Billabong surf camp in 2017 in Sanur. She teach and promote this great activity on lakes and rivers but also on the open sea. She has experience with individuals as well as groups of daredevils of different skill levels. Don’t worry if you’re a complete beginner!

You can choose one of 2 places in Prague for the course: Praha – centrumPraha- Žluté lázně

Course duration: 2 hours

Course price: private lesson 40 euros / person

                         semi private lesson 30eur / person (group of 2 person)

                        group lesson 22eur / person (group of 3 person and up)