Would you like to start kiting? You don´t have any experiences with kite yet? No problem :) This kite course is exactly for you, you will learn all necessary basics to be able to continue with kiteboarding, snowkiting or landkiting.


The course is designed for beginners who have no experience with the kite.

The aim of the course is to prepare students carefully for the upcoming kiteboarding or snowkiting lessons. You will learn everything from basic theory, kite preparation, setup, take-off / landing, single-handed control, the use of security systems to advanced power control of “big” foil and inflatable kites. Thanks to achieved perfect kite control, you can easily continue and enjoy the lesson at sea or snow to the maximum.


    Program of the basic kite course in the Czech Republic is the same as the first day of the kiteboarding course on Fuerteventura / Canary Islands. For these courses we have modified the teaching methodology, so that students are in 1 day well and safely prepared for the course on the water and can start straight with bodydraging and waterstarts…or starts and riding on snow.


    The courses take place only in suitable wind conditions. IKO instructor level 2 – Kryštof Rubáš ,, Rubi ,, has been organizing kiteboarding courses since 2007.


    Quality is our priority. We teach in small groups where 1 instructor takes care of a maximum of 3 students.


    The price of kite course includes complete kite gear as harness + helmet + suitable kite. You will try different types of kites in the air including their setup. From the training kite to the foil and the inflatable kites.


    We will be happy to document your kite beginnings :)


    Your kiteboarding success depends by 80% on your kite control skills and 20% on your board experience. You will learn exactly the same kite control, like during the first day of snowkite course. By the sea, you will learn how to control a kite the first day as well, but the course is much more expensive. Kite course in Czech republic has exactly the same program like the 1st day of kiteboarding course on Fuerteventura, so  you don´t need to waist your holidays to learn basics. Perfect kite control is necessary for successful progress. Be smart and learn how to control the kite first;)


The courses take place according to wind conditions in suitable locations around Prague and Pilsen


Course dates are planned individually according to the agreement and current wind conditions. If you book a course on a fixed date, we will confirm together the course at least 24 hours in advance according to the current forecast.


Our priorities are individual approach and the quality of the course. Therefore, the length of the course and the number of kites in the air always depend on the number of participants. We teach in private groups where 1 instructor takes care of a maximum of 3 students.

  • VIP COURSE for 1 person
  • Duration: 2 hours with an instructor + 2 hours of individual training
  • Price: 150 eur
  • GROUP COURSE for 2-3 persons
  • Duration: 3 hours with an instructor + 2 hours of individual training
  • Price: 100 eur / per person

We guarantee the length of the course with an instructor. For example, for a VIP course for 1 person we guarantee 2 hours of quality conditions for the course. In case of bad weather, you can select an alternative date or add your hours to the next course.

You can practice, repeat and improve the exercises that you can safely control, after the course with an instructor. For example: flying a training kite, controlling a small 3-5m2 depower kite.

Individual training is a bonus, and these hours are not guaranteed. Individual training hours expire, if they are not used straight after the lesson. 

Please take with you spare clothes, because you can get sweat and dirty, that you have something to change. More less same clothes like for hiking.

spare sport clothes: sweatshirt, hoodie, windproof jacket, functional t-shirt, solid shoes

other: snack and drink…..tea or coffee in thermo bottle is really good idea :)

Please feel free to contact us with any question