Luboš started with kiteboarding lesson on the open sea with us. He did so good, so he joined us on a kite trip as an equal kiter in the end of his holidays :) Our kiteboarding courses take place on the open sea. We are leaving the port of Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura. Thanks to the boat we have the possibility to choose the place with the best wind and course conditions for example close to the island of Lobos or even Lanzarote. Once you’ve mastered the basics like bodydraging and powerstroke in the open sea, you can start with waterstarts. Once you will get on the board, you can go and ride without any limitation. The whole sea is just for you and you can ride as far as the eye can see (or the boat will reach:). You do not have to worry about returning to the shore, confusing with other advanced kithers, if you get over the waves…. During the kiteboarding course you will use 100% of the time with kite.