SURFING MORRO BEACH. Morro beach is the perfect place for beginners to surf in summer. Just leave Corralejo in the direction to Puerto del Rosario and you will get on the spot in few minutes. Parking place is right next to the spot, just run down the hill to the sandy beach. The best time to surf is during low tide, when you can easily get there and the waves break away from the shore. The only risk is the current that goes from the center of the beach along the shore to the stones on the right. (viewed from the beach at the water). The ideal landmark is a mast in the middle of the beach, according to which you know if you are right or left … just hold in the middle and you will be fine;)

Last time we went with Laura, Honza and Anna. Laura was already on 6,3, Honza was surfing on foamie and Anna was not afraid either :)

And what about you? Do not sit at home behind the computer and go surfing on Fuerteventura :)