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Must have equipment for every water enthusiasts.

Ponchos are made by high-quality bamboo terry. Thanks to the bamboo, it is luxuriously soft, absorbs water perfectly, dries quickly and is comfortable to the body. You will fall in love with it after first touch.

Poncho will warm you up after your session and is large enough for comfortable changing anytime and anywhere. You don´t have to show your ass anymore to everyone in the parking place when you are trying to get out of neoprene ;)

Poncho has bigger pocket than Skippy kangaroo, so you can put your hands in and stand like a boss on the spot. The hood has a cord, so the wind won’t just blow it away.

Available sizes

Product description

  • Poncho is made by handy women in the Czech Republic
  • 3D embroidery is made by wonderful women also in the Czech Republic
  • Composition: 40% bamboo, 40% cotton, 20% polyester
  • Weight: 290 g / m2
  • Inspired by ocean, made by heart

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