Esquinzo is a hidden magic surf spot. You are driving in the middle of nowhere and sudenly it appears. Sandy beach under the cliffs looks like wild surf arena. You can see the lines comming from far far away on the open ocean thanks to your bird view from the cliff. Than you see the set comming….hmm looking good…surfers in the water are getting ready….quiet big… those sets really know how to surprise on Esquinzo…And buum he took it, went in, went ou and freak out…yess

It´s really sick beach break in combination with offshore wind. Combination of right swell and offshore wind come few times per year and than come the guys who know. So please, if you don´t know, don´t go there in those days.

Esquinzo is one of the most popular spots during summer, when there is really often NE wind, which is side off shore there.

When you go there, you have to climb down a bit so its good idea to take cover for your surf board or solarez. But you will find out the good way after few dings,

Unfortunately the world is a bit to small thanks to the new smartphones, gps, instagram location and etc. so its not a big secret anymore and its getting a bit full sometimes. Spot is good for intermediate surfers and up, so don´t go there to mess up with foamies. For beginners is better beach in El Cotillo.