Surf trip to Esquinzo. Esquinozo is a hidden beach on the west coast, where you can enjoy surfing like anywhere else thanks to the local atmosphere. The long offroad road runs in the middle of the wilderness, and you think the car has to fall apart, looking, looking, and finding an incredible surf arena in front of you. Esquinzo is a large bay with a sandy beach under the cliffs. At first glance, the waves look like a dream. They go to the bay in order, one after the other, and you can see from the distance as they approach. Then they begin to shatter against the side rocks and suddenly rise in front of you. You paddle as much you can, you feel it, pop up and feel how the wave is already rising behind your back. You are balancing and pressing on your thumbs in wall…..up n down up and down…wooow

Wow it was a ride… I want another… and so all day until you can paddle and get up on the surf :)